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New deadline: 30.10.

Oct 16 The Green Card Service-Team has made such a great progress submitting your applications; we were able to extend the deadline for the registration of your applications!
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Green Card Check

cowgirlFind out if you can participate in the Green Card Lottery

Use our eligibility check to find out if you qualify for the U.S. Green Card Lottery DV-2016. 


Green Card Lottery and U.S. Visas

The American Dream offers a wide range of services concerning the Green Card Lottery not available directly from the U.S. government. Among these services provided for a low flat fee are:

  • Processing your application individually and extensively
  • Taking over all formalities from submitting the application to the possible winning
  • Processing of digital and analog photos
  • Sending you an official certificate of the entry of your application
  • Winning notification by phone & e-mail

For our complete range of services CLICK HERE

Our subsidiary The American Dream – US Visa Service GmbH offers corporate and private customers intensive support throughout the U.S. visa application process:

  • starting with initial advice on possible visa options
  • via actual visa application
  • and finally preparation for entry to the U.S.A.

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Information on and the Green Card Lottery.

The U.S. grants 55,000 Green Cards, which means entitlement to an unlimited residence and work permit in the U.S. This is your admission ticket to a life in the land of endless opportunity.

So if you are dreaming of

  • staying in the U.S. for a longer time
  • starting a whole new life
  • studying at one of the renowned U.S. universities
  • developing a new career opportunity or new professional perspective
  • just enjoying the "American Way of Life" ...

... then you need the U.S. Green Card and The American Dream.
Since 1996 – over 17,000 winners.

Professional Full Service

The American Dream processes your application for the Green Card personally and individually, carefully checks your data and forwards your application in time and in the required form to the relevant U.S. authorities. To confirm this you will receive a personal certificate. In May 2014 we will notify you about the results of the Green Card lottery.

For 18 years
As a state-licensed U.S. immigration consulting agency The American Dream supports you through the whole process, also in case of win.
We work hard for your dreams!



Country of Birth
All European countries (except Great Britain/UK) are eligible to participate. Merely 19 countries worldwide that have very high immigration rates to the U.S. are excluded from the Green Card Lottery.

Educational Requirement
You EITHER need 12 years of high school/its equivalent (e.g. a certification of secondary school education, comparable to the U.S. high school diploma) OR a minimum of two years’ work experience (within the past five years) in a profession which requires at least two years of training. Proof of these prerequisites are only necessary when and if a lottery participant wins a Green Card.

Chances of Success


Almost every 25th participant wins a Green Card (depending on region/year). The lottery is being carried out by the U.S. government, which provides 55,000 Green Cards annually. For most people this fair selection system of the Diversity Visa Lottery is the only possibility to obtain a Green Card.

Winning the Green Card is easier than getting three right numbers in a lottery! Over 17,000 people have won a Green Card via The American Dream since 1996.
You can be the next!