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DSC_0068Well, our holiday is coming to an end. We are back in San Francisco and will board our plane back to Germany on Saturday morning. We both are horribly homesick right now. But not homesick for Cologne, where we live. But homesick for Huntington Beach, which even if we don’t live in, already miss horribly.

I told you, that the first day in Huntington was kind of hard for me. I expected it to be different and the reality of being in our future hometown, hit me more than hard. But with the days running by I began to love this city. And began to feel home! I so can imagine my life there. I so can imagine my kids growing up there. And now I am away from that city that took my heart by surprise!

I don’t know how depressed I will feel, when I finally am back in Germany. I hope that the months ahead of us will fly by. We do have the wedding to look forward to and shortly after that we will do our next trip to the city of our hearts! And that being only a few months away keeps me alive right now!

Just for the record: We do not like San Francisco very much. It is kind of nice here, but I could never live in a big city like this. I don’t want to stay here longer than for a few days and I could never imagine my kids to grow up in a city like this! Luckily Flo feels the same. Not only about San Francisco, but also about Huntington Beach!

Outtakes – California Edition

DSC_0004As I predicted before our holiday, we already had a lot language outtakes in the first week we spend here in California. Here are our three most hilarious Outtake moments:

1. This week we went into a cute diner in Huntington Beach and got served by a mexican waiter. Our english may be pretty good, but we couldn’t understand that guy with the thick accent at all! We somehow made it through ordering drinks and food, but eventually the moment came, where he wanted to bring us the cheque. Flo went to the restroom, so I was alone with the waiter. What I now know is that he wanted to ask me, if I wanted a dessert. What I understood was, if I wanted the cheque. So I kept saying yes like an idiot, while he asked again and again, if I already chose a dessert. I was so embarrassed, that I ended up buying an ice-cream sundae just for the sake of it.

2. The next outtake happened again to me at the Madonna Inn Hotel in San Luis Obispo. They have a “world famous” men’s urinal there, where you pee in a waterfall. I didn’t know that, but when we paid the waitress asked me, if my husband already checked out the men’s toilet. I actually had asked the same girl, where the restrooms were a few minutes earlier, so I thought she asked, if I had found the restrooms. So I said yes! She looked kind of confused and told me my husband should check them out, too. Only later that night I realized that I told her, that I had been in the men’s restroom!

3. This one is my favourite outtake of all time. Not only because it happened to my husband for a change, but because it is hilarious. For a start you should know that I always try to lose a bit weight. Not because I really have to, but because I am afraid that I will gain weight and not fit in my wedding dress in August. So we were in the car a few days ago and over here they always air an ad about a lap band. We heard that a lot in the last week, but I guess my husband paid attention to it for the first time. The girl in the ad talked about her experiences with the lap band and how she lost weight. The weight loss thing must have triggered something off in my hubby’s mind, because he turned to me and seriously asked “Do you want a lap band, too, babe?”

To be continued…

Scary reality!

DSC_0027We arrived in Huntington Beach on Tuesday, which left me kind of depressed. I actually love being here, love the friendly people, love the beach, but it scares me a lot to be in the city we chose to live in someday. Someday actually will come pretty soon, because we want to move at the beginning of 2011. And that is what scares me a lot right now.

It is one thing to be in the US for holidays and be in a random state just for a visit. But to be in the city you want to live in one day, is another thing! No matter what we are doing, I always wonder how I will be doing things once I live here. In the last weeks I have been pretty scared about my english and I am so afraid to not get a job over here. The language fears are getting a bit smaller right now, because I can talk to people very good, everyone understands what I am saying and I even better understand everything people say. But the job thing still scares me. What I do in Germany is write. I write for a living and I do know that I am pretty good at it. But writing in english is a different thing and I am actually not sure, if my english already is good enough so that I could work as a journalist over here.

DSC_0005A funny thing is that my hubby and me actually don’t feel like we are just here for a visit. It feels like being in a very familiar place. That may be, because we understand everything or because we have both been in the US before. But perhaps it is, because fate wants us to live here one day. Because fate chose us to be Huntington Beach residents very soon!

DSC_0020I hope that my job fears will slow down a bit in the next weeks and that I can relax a little more and enjoy my last year in Germany. So keep your fingers crossed for me as I do for myself. And so long: Enjoy our new vacation pics…