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THE AMERICAN DREAM, a governmentally approved US immigration agency, gives professional advice and help during the whole green card process - also in case of winning! Apply now and take part in the green card lottery DV-2016 - it will only take a couple minutes.

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work permit

A work permit is a Non-Immigrant Visa. This is for example the C-1/D Visa, H-1B Visa and R-1 Visa. The R-1 Visa is a work permit for Religious worker. If you want to apply for a special work permit you have to contact USA Visa Service agencies like The American Dream USA Services GmbH. There you will get - besides work permit information - information about the green card application, other private and business visa etc. Do you have a special occupation and do you want to work in the USA ? Then you can apply for the H-1B Visa. The H-1B visa is probably the best known temporary work visa. Eligible for this category are persons with an academic degree (or its equivalent).
The US has over 60 types of non-immigrant (meaning non-permanent) US visas and the USA remains one of the most famous countries in the world for immigrants and temporary worker. You see: a work permit - besides the green card and other visas - is the best way to work legally in the USA. And the best is: you will get a work permit not even for the United States of America. There are many other countries, like Australia, Canada, Denmark and the United Kingdom, where you get a work permit. For more information about a US work permit search the web or have a look at our website.