Our Winners

Voices from successful GreenCard winners:

Simone H., Green Card Winner from Bremen, Germany

After the 4th try it worked out, many thanks to the TAD-Team for the competent and friendly support. Now I am just happy and will soon be off to Florida!

Sandy and Chris E., Green Card Winners from Hamburg, Germany

The Green Cards are finally here - our American Dream has become true. Thank you for your great support, dearest Team of The American Dream. Already in our second participation in the lottery I won! I have been a long-time fan of the USA and have spent a high school year there. Already then I knew that I want to come back one day to work there. Our last visits always lead us to the U.S. We could not imagine a greater country to live and work in.

Sandra und Matthias C. , GREEN CARD WINNERs from Berkenthin, Germany

They are finally here, what an incredible feeling - The adventure USA is about to begin.


A good amount of luck has earned me the Green Card at the first try. As soon as I have finished my course of studies I will be on my way to make my childhood dream come true - Hawaii is calling !

Torsten R., Heidi R. and Dominik R., Green Card Winners from Goettingen, Germany

Onwards to a new future. Thank you to The American Dream Team for their active support and help, without you a lot of things would have been more difficult. Thank you!

Marcel R., Green Card Winner from Munich, Germany

At the first go in the Green Card Lottery it worked out. In the mean time the move to Florida has been accomplished and everything is running smoothly. I want to sincerely express my thanks for the great support after the winning notification. All questions were answered competently at all times and I felt to be in very good hands.

Franz E., Green Card Winner from Vienna, Austria

Many thanks to the TAD Team, especially to Martina. With your support and the professional Premium Winner's Service I now hold the GC in my hand.

Kristin S., Green Card Winner from Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Heartfelt thanks to the American Dream Team for the great support throughout the years! At the 6th try it finally worked out! I'm incredibly happy!

Philipp K., Green Card Winner from Maintal, Germany

Now I have the chance to fulfill my dream in the land of opportunity; I'm absolutely delighted!

Philipp and Nicole K., Green Card Winners from Langenhagen, Germany

All good things come in threes! Already on the third try it worked out. Thank you. Bye bye, we're off then.