Our Winners

Voices from successful Green Card winners:

Susan Anna Rajic, DV 2005 Winner from Australia

I am thrilled and excited. I thought I had a very small chance of winning! Now, thanks to National Visa Service, my dream of living in the U.S. will be a reality.

Kubank Canberra, Australia

When I first read the email from National Visa Service saying I won I thought it was just promotional mail. I read it 3 times and checked the winners list before I finally realized and believed I had actually won. I was over the moon. I rang my family immediately. Thank you National Visa Service!

Julie Beatrice Lawrence, Australia

I could not believe the news of my good luck and fortune. It is a dream come true for me, my wish to live in America, the land of freedom and opportunity, has come true thanks to National Visa Service.

Petra Th., Minden

"First, I would like to thank you and the whole team from The American Dream for the super support and advice and of course for your patience by my sometimes somewhat-annoying questions and yee-ha! I did it: My interview on 06.06.2006 in Frankfurt went well and I also received my documents very quickly. In retrospect, the whole thing was absolutely not bad. Before, I just went crazy over nothing."

Anand Draubuta, Fiji

When I found out I won this lottery, I was filled with extreme joy and excitement. I have never won anything before and this is an incredible win.

Mary Karenye, Nairobi

I was so excited to learn I'd won because I saw this as a way of fulfilling my dreams of living and working in America. National Visa Service is doing a wonderful job.

Susanne G., from Lörrach to Miami

"In this way I would like to thank you all for the support and encouragement along the way to my immigrant visa! The visa is in my passport, and on January 7th I will enter in New York and then in March I will be going permanently to Miami! Thank you to the whole team, you were very helpful and I will recommend you whenever I can! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005 with many, many winners!"

Yulia Lesnikova, Tallinn

I am very happy and look forward to living my life in such a great country.Thank you National Visa Service.

Kamber Halim Gjini, Rafina Atika

I felt very happy and very proud because National Visa service gave me the chance to live in a beautiful country.

Doris Dorfmeister, Austria

"Since July 2005, I have had it – my GreenCard. Because I work for an American company, I have been trying to go to the U.S.A for business matters through an assignment. Unfortunately, I have not yet been successful, but I travel every 6 months to the U.S.A – I have always been very nicely greeted – without a lot of questions. However, I already have my social security number and a bank account and so I am trying time after time to leave traces behind... Thank you so much for the nice support up to now! Your Doris Dorfmeister (from Vienna)"