Our Winners

Voices from successful Green Card winners:

Kubank Canberra, Australia

When I first read the email from National Visa Service saying I won I thought it was just promotional mail. I read it 3 times and checked the winners list before I finally realized and believed I had actually won. I was over the moon. I rang my family immediately. Thank you National Visa Service!

Julie Beatrice Lawrence, Australia

I could not believe the news of my good luck and fortune. It is a dream come true for me, my wish to live in America, the land of freedom and opportunity, has come true thanks to National Visa Service.

Petra Th., Minden

"First, I would like to thank you and the whole team from The American Dream for the super support and advice and of course for your patience by my sometimes somewhat-annoying questions and yee-ha! I did it: My interview on 06.06.2006 in Frankfurt went well and I also received my documents very quickly. In retrospect, the whole thing was absolutely not bad. Before, I just went crazy over nothing."

Anand Draubuta, Fiji

When I found out I won this lottery, I was filled with extreme joy and excitement. I have never won anything before and this is an incredible win.

Mary Karenye, Nairobi

I was so excited to learn I'd won because I saw this as a way of fulfilling my dreams of living and working in America. National Visa Service is doing a wonderful job.

Susanne G., from Lörrach to Miami

"In this way I would like to thank you all for the support and encouragement along the way to my immigrant visa! The visa is in my passport, and on January 7th I will enter in New York and then in March I will be going permanently to Miami! Thank you to the whole team, you were very helpful and I will recommend you whenever I can! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005 with many, many winners!"

Yulia Lesnikova, Tallinn

I am very happy and look forward to living my life in such a great country.Thank you National Visa Service.

Kamber Halim Gjini, Rafina Atika

I felt very happy and very proud because National Visa service gave me the chance to live in a beautiful country.

Doris Dorfmeister, Austria

"Since July 2005, I have had it – my GreenCard. Because I work for an American company, I have been trying to go to the U.S.A for business matters through an assignment. Unfortunately, I have not yet been successful, but I travel every 6 months to the U.S.A – I have always been very nicely greeted – without a lot of questions. However, I already have my social security number and a bank account and so I am trying time after time to leave traces behind... Thank you so much for the nice support up to now! Your Doris Dorfmeister (from Vienna)"

Cecilia Cepedes, San Jose

My dream came true! I am very happy because this is a gift from God. Thank you God and thank you National Visa service.