Our Winners

Voices from successful Green Card winners:

Alexander Jose Bauza, DV 2006 Winner from Venezuela

When I read my name on the National Visa Service web page I left without speech, I stood up with my hands on my head, I couldn't believe what I saw. My family thought there was something wrong but when I said: we won the green card !!! all of us jumped for joy.

Edgar Wappes, DV 2005 winner from Germany, Munich

"I am grateful to have received your documents and I am very happy to be a GreenCard lottery winner with your help. I already called you and was, like always, very warmly cared for. I have of course recommended you, and like I said, I am very grateful that you could help me further. You will be my address in the U.S.A, because I feel certain that the GreenCard will be passed on safely to me through you. Again, thank you so much."

Johnstone Mwaniki Njue, DV 2005 Winner from Kenya

I lifted my wife up and we thanked God that our dream of working in America will be coming true after five years of trying the lottery. Thank you National Visa Service!

Fath Elrahman Mohamed Abuagla, DV 2005 Winner from Germany

I am extremly happy, because this is a great opportunity for me to continue my studies, work and life in America, the land of opportunities and dreams. Thank you National Visa Service, you are a very trusted company.

Beatrice Alanyo Amimo, DV 2005 Winner from Kenya

I was totally suprised and overjoyed. This opportunity means a lot to me because it is a wonderful chance for me to excel both professionaly and intellectually. Thank you National Visa Service

Owen Kenneth Cavanagh, DV 2005 Winner from Australia

This is a great opportunity that creates a lot of possibilities for the future. Thank you National Visa Service.

Cissoko Kounadia, Mali

"Mes rémerciements à toute l’équipe de THE AMERICAN DREAM, pour leur sincère service qui m’a rendu aussi heureux que jamais. la greesn carte était vraiment mon rêve, c'est THE AMERICAN DREAM qui me l'a realisé!" Translation: "Thank you to the whole team for your good service that has made me more happy than I have ever been in my life. The GreenCard is now really my (biggest) dream that The American Dream has made come true." Additional information: the customer was already rejected twice (!) by the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, but with the third try, after our intervention, it worked out. Congratulations!

Susan Anna Rajic, DV 2005 Winner from Australia

I am thrilled and excited. I thought I had a very small chance of winning! Now, thanks to National Visa Service, my dream of living in the U.S. will be a reality.

Kubank Canberra, Australia

When I first read the email from National Visa Service saying I won I thought it was just promotional mail. I read it 3 times and checked the winners list before I finally realized and believed I had actually won. I was over the moon. I rang my family immediately. Thank you National Visa Service!

Julie Beatrice Lawrence, Australia

I could not believe the news of my good luck and fortune. It is a dream come true for me, my wish to live in America, the land of freedom and opportunity, has come true thanks to National Visa Service.