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THE AMERICAN DREAM, a governmentally approved US immigration agency, gives professional advice and help during the whole green card process - also in case of winning! Apply now and take part in the green card lottery DV-2016 - it will only take a couple minutes.

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Newsletter 01/2006


Dear Reader, We hope you had a good start of 2006 and wish you success and health for the coming months. In our Stories & Lifestyle section, we will keep you updated on the wide sphere of supermarkets in the US and give...

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Green card lottery update

Dear customers in the DV-lottery program, Unfortunately, there aren't that many news at present. All customers in the lottery DV-2007 should have received their participation certificate by now. If you are one of our customers but have not yet received your certificate, please contact...

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Breaking News

*Number for the Visa information service of the US Embassy has changed* Please note that the phone numbers for the Visa information service of the US Embassy in Germany (for scheduling visa interviews) have changed: Phone number: 0900 - 1-85 00 55 Fax-on-demand: 0900 -...

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News Bytes

*Virtual Fence* Next year, the US Department of Homeland Security will start realizing a project of the Border Security Initiative, building an almost 13,000 km (8,000 miles) virtual fence along the Canadian and especially Mexican border and along some of the coastline. This measures are...

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Stories & Lifestyle: Supermarkets in the US

There are supposed to be tourists who are not only fascinated by the great sceneries and cities of the US, but also by the huge supermarkets or shopping malls where you can get everything you ever wanted. By now, there are countless big supermarket...

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Visa & More: Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find a selection of visa questions we have been asked by our customers over the last few days. Please note that none of the answers below is an actual substitute for individual consulting and can only touch on the real issues....

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How To: Get married in the US

Make sure you are sure before getting married - the motto for all wedding plans. However, you don't only have carefully consider whom to marry, but also where to get married. More and more people decide to get married in the US - learn...

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Internet Surf Tips

www.ltur.com/de/search.ltml?sa=FL&SEA_adults=1&rd_min=1&rd_max=1&zo=zoNYC For our spontaneous readers who are interested in a cheap flight to New York (starting at $333). www.wiwo.de/pswiwo/fn/ww2/sfn/buildww/id/972/fm/0/SH/0/depot/0/index.html Do you want to know whether you're a true US expert? Find out here... totallyabsurd.com/archive.htm Something to make you smile. The funniest and probably most absurd patents in...

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