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THE AMERICAN DREAM, a governmentally approved US immigration agency, gives professional advice and help during the whole green card process - also in case of winning! Apply now and take part in the green card lottery DV-2016 - it will only take a couple minutes.

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Newsletter 10/2004


Dear Reader, Just a few days ago, one of the most successful exhibitions worldwide closed in Berlin - the MOMA. With giant fireworks, the 200 works of art and paintings said goodbye to the German capital after seven months. From the middle of November...

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Green card lottery update

By now, the US State Department has announced the official regulations for the green card lottery DV-2007. Applications will again be submitted in digital form, since this has worked so well last year. Our customers may still submit their photos on paper and THE...

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Breaking News

*H-1B visa cap reached* The new fiscal year wasn't even six days old when the H-1B visa cap was reached. This means that no more H-1B visas are available for 2005. Last year the popular work visas were all gone by spring, this...

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News Bytes

*Fingerprints and digital photo obligatory* Same as citizens of all other countries, Germans now have to be fingerprinted at US airports upon admission as well as of October. This is done electronically without stamping ink. In addition, a digital photo will be taken of...

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Stories & Lifestyle: Roy Lichtenstein – Pop-art of the special kind

Roy Fox Lichtenstein was born in 1923 into a middle class family in New York. His father was a real estate agent. He attended a private school that did not offer art classes and also his family didn't have great artistic potential. He started...

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Visa & More: Frequently Asked Questions

Today we will answer some of the questions we have been asked by our customers over the last few days. Please note that none of the answers below is an actual substitute for individual consulting and can only touch on the real issues. If...

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How To: The origins of the Halloween tradition

Halloween is originally a Celtic custom - in the night from October 31 to November 1 the druids say goodbye to summer - the season of the goddess - and celebrates the reign of the prince of death, Samhain, who reigns during the...

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Internet Surf Tips

Great and exotic recipes for your Halloween party www.gfra.de/usfood/cgi-bin/rezepte.cgi?TypNr=70 Professional worldwide moving company www.brauns-international.de Travel website, focusing especially on New York www.newyork.citysam.de Official website for the Museum of Modern Arts www.moma.org

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