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Newsletter 06/2002


Dear Reader, We would have liked to begin our summer newsletter with better news for you. However, unfortunately, the US government has again provided us with some not so good news again this month. In addition to the new regulations for the B Visa...

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From all four corners of the US

*Place of pilgrimage for UFO fans* If there is one place on Earth where aliens are welcome it is the "Extraterrestrial Highway" in the US state of Nevada. Since a worker has seen UFOs there a few years ago, the small town of...

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US government tightens controls

*Admission* As one measure of their war on terror, the US are planning to tighten admission controls at the US borders drastically. According to Attorney General John Ashcroft, travelers from countries with a connection to terrorism and people from certain risk groups are to...

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Immigrant memorial – Ellis Islands

Hundreds of people are sitting cooped up in the dark cabin. It smells like sweat and urine. It has been smelling like sweat and urine for days. And like garlic. Many of them eat garlic. It is said to protect you from seasickness. Nevertheless,...

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Visa dictionary

TODAY: J-1 Visa for exchange programs/internships in the US (part II) In the second part of this series we are going to be dealing with the so-called "home-country residency requirement" (HRR), which may apply to many of you who get their J-1 Visas via...

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How To: Do Your Taxes

Here, we will give you a brief overview over the most important aspects of the US tax code and the inter-country double taxation agreement between Germany and the US, aimed at avoiding double taxation. Since the inter-country law of both countries is difficult to...

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Internet Surf Tips

*German clubs in the US* The Interessengemeinschaft Deutschsprachiger im Ausland (community of interest for German-speaking persons abroad) has a website with a lot of interesting information about life in the US. It's worth a look. Find out more on www.idausa.net *NOMAD Tours* A tour operator...

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