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THE AMERICAN DREAM, a governmentally approved US immigration agency, gives professional advice and help during the whole green card process - also in case of winning! Apply now and take part in the green card lottery DV-2016 - it will only take a couple minutes.

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Dear Readers,


Welcome to our newsletter of August and September 2011.


All green card participants of the green card lottery dv-2012 are informed about their results. Those who are among the green card winners are very happy, those who did not win, are very sad. The American Dream informed ALL their participants by regular mail and offered those, who did not win, a special goody. Please have a look at our section “News around the Green Card Lottery” where you will find some more information.


In this newsletter you will also find the cut-off numbers for the green card winners of the DV-2012 (for October and November). Please have a look at the section “Visa bulletin”.


In this newsletter we will present you three US States, interesting internet surf tips and we will answer some visa questions we received from our customers.


Have fun reading.



The American Dream