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Count on usTaking a cue from what prevails in the US, our company places customer satisfaction above everything else. Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the information you need – quickly, accurately and transparently.

That is why the personal consulting and interview session is important to us. You can contact us directly on our hotline +49 30 - 511 0 511 every day of the week, 365 days a year. Within the USA you may also call (347) 729 73 80. We will promptly send you an extensive, complete, no-obligation information package at no cost to you. The internet is just another addition to the various means by which we continue to deliver quality, affordable service to all our clients.

Unlike the internet-based agencies whose phones are seldom answered in person and whose only contact point is an anonymous post office box, we are very accessible and available. Please, feel free to contact us right now to schedule your personal interview.

Our Competence

THE AMERICAN DREAM was the first Green Card service company to be approved by the German government as a bona fide immigration consultancy service. We are licensed with the Federal Republic of Germany and comply with the statutes and regulations of the Bundesverwaltungsamt. We were also the proud hosts in Berlin of the Independence Day celebration that was held in honor of U.S. Ambassador Kornblum.

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We can help you with all matters regarding the Green Card. You can be sure too that we can answer any other questions you might have about the United States. To keep you up-to-date, you can sign up to receive a monthly newsletter.

Our Experience

Visa Service from the American Dream THE AMERICAN DREAM has operated under German law since 1996. It is registered in Berlin/Charlottenburg (HRB 70622) as GmbH (a limited liability company).

Thanks to the quality of assistance and personal attention we give our clients, more than 19,000 individuals have won Green Cards, since we first went into business. Exactly 714 winners of the Green Card Lottery 2014 had used our services – the amount of satisfied THE AMERICAN DREAM customers is growing faster every year! From 1996 until the present time, no single agency or company in Europe has helped more clients to reach and live THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Our Services

Our extensive service ensures an optimum client care. We motivate our highly skilled, multilingual staff to deliver unmatched service to our clients worldwide. Our web content information is available in eight languages; and all printed documents and literature are available in German, English and French.

We encourage our clients to inquire about the status of their application and to follow up on our progress. In general, we send out a confirmation of receipt of each client application in early January. All our regular clients can look forward to taking advantage of our annual special offers.

Our assistance to our clients does not end until they have received the Green Card. Unlike lawyers in the U.S., we do not charge clients for necessary additional clerical or administrative work.

Of course delivering quality, affordable service is important to us. However, should you ever have reason to complain about any aspect of our work or have any questions, you can be sure that we shall resolve any issues or answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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