American Green Card Lottery

Since its foundation, the U.S. is a country based on immigration. Even today, to live in the „land of golden opportunity“ is a dream many foreigners share. There are various ways for this American Dream to come true. Similar to the famous proverb „all roads lead to Rome “, many ways lead to the United States.

Green Card Advantages

Most young people come to America as exchange students, studying at one of many America's Top Universities. They are holders of a Visa, yet they are not allowed to work and stay in the United States. After their Visa expires they have to go back to their countries unless they qualify for a new Visa or apply for the Green Card.

Once a Green Card - life-time profit

The Green Card provides its holders with Permanent Resident Status. It enables these people to live and pursue a vocation in the U.S. Additionally, Perminent Residents may leave and return to the U.S. anytime they wish. Other than any Visa, the Greencard remains valid for life-time.

Basically, there are two ways to achieve Perminent Resident Status: either receiving the Green Card through family, job or asylum or  taking part in the American Green Card Lottery USA. The Diversity Immigrant Visa which is commonly known as the American Green Card Lottery was established in 1995. Since then, this congressionally-mandated lottery program issued 50.000 Green Cards per year. It is specifically designed to achieve diversity in the American immigration process. 

Thanks to this government program the dream of living in the U.S. is within many people's reach; with a little bit of luck it might eventually come true.

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