American Green Card

The United States of America – the land of opportunity. Millions of people come there every day, some as tourists, some to stay forever. To not just visit and see the many famous sights but to live in the “land of the free”, to lead a better or more successful life is a dream millions of people from all over the world share.


The American Green Card - a way to change a life

America offers them many things: wide open space, big cities, freedom, a chance to work or to enable their children to have a better education. A whole continent full of opportunities. But in order to become a permanent resident of the United States, an American Green Card is required. The American Green Card or United States Permanent Resident Card enables its holder to stay for an unlimited period of time and legally work at a job of their choice as a “lawful permanent resident” (LPR) . This permanent right to stay in the United States also extends to the holder's spouse and all children under the age of 21. A real chance to live and realize the American Dream, possible for everyone.

Entering the Green Card Lottery

In order to obtain an American Green Card one has to apply for one or hope for a chance to win one through the official American lottery founded in 1987. As long as they are eligible considering the level of education, financial situation or family relationships there is nothing standing between potential immigrants and the American Green Card. They are now legal residents of the United States of America, free to live and work wherever they want. Some might decide to leave again after a while and some will stay forever.

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