DV Lottery

Every year thousands of people from all over the world are looking for a way to immigrate to the United States of America. If one isn't a citizen of the United States, the right to become a permanent resident depends on winning the Green Card Lottery USA. The Green Card enables people to work and live on American territory for an unlimited amount of time. Applicants can state professional reasons, if a legal way of employment is guaranteed or they move to the United States because of family ties.

Other Ways to get a permanent Visa

Others enter the DV Lottery founded by the government in 1987. The lottery is named after the fiscal year the Green Card and the right to permanently stay in the US are “activated”, for example “DV 2012”. It selects 55,000 winners and future Green Card holders every year who then have to continue the process of immigration.

Winning the DV Green Card Lottery

The DVLottery takes registrations from September to December, the required forms an applicant has to fill out are all available online. Only participants from eligible countries that meet certain standards considering education or health are permitted to register – and only once per person. The  State Department pre-selects about a 100,000 applicants and possible future winners. The selection of the actual winners happens randomly. Once they are selected, the winners are notified via regular mail, usually starting in May the following year. After the new Green Card holder has completed all the necessary formalities, they are free to take up a place of residency or a job of their choice for as long as they like – all thanks to the DV Green Card lottery.

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