Free Green Card

The United States of America offer unlimited possibilities for those who choose to go there. It is possible to stay there without a visa, for example as a tourist, for up to 90 days. If a person wants to stay in the United States of America permanently and take up a paid job they have to be in possession of an American Green Card.

More than 50,000 free Green Cards every year

Obtaining a Green Card is possible by going through the regular application-process. For those who do not have a job-offer yet it is possible to become a Green Card holder by filling out a free Green Card lottery application. The Green Card lottery hands out more than 50,000 free Green Cards every year, making it possible to enter the United States for those who are among the winners. This free Green Card enables the holder to take up a place of residence and a paid job once he has completed the formalities following the notification of the winners.

A free Green Card lottery application - possible for everyone

The intention behind the Green Card lottery is to give a chance for a free Green Card to those who usually would have very small chances of obtaining one. Owning a free Green Card means that the life of a person or possibly their entire family can change completely if they move to a country that can offer them much more than their home country possibly could. So filling out a free Green Card lottery application could be a small, first step into something much bigger.

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