Spouse Green Card

Not only the holder of an American Green Card has the right to live and work in the United States of America, the same is valid for their spouse as well. A “Spouse Green Card” is equal to a regular Green Card, whether applied for or won through the American Green Card Lottery. But there are different ways of obtaining a Spouse Green Card.

Green Card through marriage

One option for a citizen of a foreign country is to marry a citizen of the United States – after the Green Card application, interview and proof of Green Card Eligibility a spouse is given their official Green Card, sometimes a conditional one that is valid for two years and can be extended after that. Another way to receive a Spouse Green Card is if the partner has entered – and won -  the Green Card lottery. Every winner and new Green Card holder is permitted to bring their spouse and underaged children with them when they immigrate to the US - so if your partner gets a Green Card, you can get your own Green Card through Marriage.

Valid even after divorce, Spouse Green Card

The holder of a Spouse Green Card is then able to stay in the United States for an unlimited amount of time and to work at a job they are qualified for, just like their partner. An official, unconditional Spouse Green Card also remains valid after a possible divorce, enabling the holder to remain in the United States of America as legal permanent residents.

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