USA Green Card Application

Those that consider immigrating to the United States of America need to be aware of the fact that the USA Green Card Application process is very complex. There are several forms that need to be filled out as well as other requirements. A candidate facing the USA Green Card Application needs to proof that they qualify as eligible to immigrate by undergoing a medical examination and an official interview. They also have to have a certain amount of money at their disposal, ensuring their financial security once the immigration has taken place. Another requirement for an USA Green Card Application is a certificate of good conduct, stating that the applicant does not have a criminal record. Once the candidate has completed the necessary formalities, they can enter the United States with an immigration visa and eventually receive their Green Card.
There is a second way of USA Green Card Application and of obtaining an official permission to work and stay in the United United States as a permanent resident: register for the American Green Card Lottery. Entering the lottery is relatively easy, given that one can give proof of eligibility. Once the more than 50,000 winners are selected and notified, they have to complete the immigration process just like those that apply the official way.