Can I apply for the lottery every year?

Yes, you are allowed to participate in the Green Card Lottery every year until you win. Be aware that you have to re-apply every year with a new application because the US authorities do not save old applications. If you re-apply to the lottery with The American Dream, you will receive attractive discounts. We do save your application, so all you have to do is double-check that your data is still correct, upload a new photo and your application is quickly finished! With little effort, you can easily participate in the Green Card Lottery every year with us!

In comparison to other Green Card agencies, we only accept applications for the current lottery. We view a “subscription” to the lottery as untrustworthy because the regulations of the lottery change every year. As a customer of The American Dream, you will be regularly informed of the current lottery, new regulations and will always receive a discount when applying (save up to 20 Euro a year!).

Every year, you can only submit one application to the lottery! Married couples can each send in an application and take advantage of their double chances.