DV-2020 is officially closed!

All applications are submitted successfully

The US authorities have officially closed the registration period for DV-2020  Green Card Lottery in the beginning of November.

The American Dream has thoroughly checked and prepared thousands of applications before submitting them to the US authorities. Learn more about the next steps! Did you miss to apply for DV-2020?

Apply for DV-2021 now!

The American Dream participants

You participated in the GreenCard lottery with The American Dream? Congratulations - you have increased your chances of winning!

Contrary to many other participants you don`t have to worry about whether you will be disqualified or not. Because we have thoroughly reviewed all applications for potential formal errors before submitting them to the US authorities.

Your personal submission certificate

Each The American Dream customer receives a personal submission certificate which includes the official Confirmation Number. With this you can be sure that your application has been submitted successfully to the US authorities.

To retrieve the submission certificate please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your customer account
  2. Click on the PDF-icon is located next to the Logout-Button on the top right side of the page
  3. Download your certificate DV-2020 for saving or printing.
Submission certificate Green Card Lottery DV 2020

Your official Green Card Lottery submission certificate.


What is going to happen next?

Now you can lean back and enjoy the time until May next year, when the US authorities will announce the winners. Once they did, we will immediately notify you about your result – either if you have won the lottery or if it didn’t work out this time.

However, with your Confirmation Number on your submission certificate you can check your Green Card status online on your own anytime, if you wish to do so.


Missed Green Card Lottery application

Did you miss the deadline to apply for the DV-2020? That’s not a problem!

With The American Dream you can now apply for the next Green Card Lottery DV-2021! If you wanted to apply with the US authorities directly, you had to wait until October next year. With us you can apply now and don’t have to wait the entire year.  

We collect applications until the next year and check your data and photos thoroughly. As soon as the official registration period starts, we will submit your application conforming to the US standards and in due time. With our help you can ensure your participation for the DV-2021 today and don’t have to worry about your application.

Once the US authorities have selected and announced the winners of the DV-2021, we will inform you immediately if you are one of the lucky winners or if you weren’t lucky this time.


Best of all: If you apply, we will grant you a 30% early booking discount! A regular discount this high, you will only receive during the starting phase of our Lottery.

So participate in the Green Card Lottery today and come a great step closer to your dream of living in the USA!

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We will assist you on your way

If you are one of the Green Card Lottery winners, you can count on our full support on your way to the USA. We will help you with all necessary steps for the immigrant visa application.

Regardless of what you need: a translation of the forms, the application process itself, an intensive preparation of the documents or the preparation for your consulate interview - we will be at your side and assist you with our expertise at any time.

If you should not be selected as a winner, don’t let it get you down! We would be pleased to help you again with your following participation.

As it says: When it comes to a lottery, you just don’t know when luck will be on your side!

Jacqueline Green Card Winner

One of our happy Green Card winners.


We wish you much success in the Green Card Lottery!

The entire team of The American Dream wishes you good luck and hopes that you will win one of the popular Green Cards!

Should you have any questions until the announcement of the results, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We would be delighted to hear from you and will gladly advise you at any time.