Green Card Lottery Results 2017

All Green Card Lottery applicants who signed up with The Anerican Dream were notified about they results in May, now finally the long-awaited Green Card Lottery DV-18 statistics for each country have been released by the Kentucky Consular Service (KCC). In the following you'll read all about:

Green Card Winners Worldwide 

The European frontrunner this year was Russia followed by Uzbekistan and Albania. In Western Europe, Germany once again topped the list with 886 winners followed by France with 649 and Italy with 546 winners. Over the last few years, Germany has had the pleasure of having the most winners in Western Europe. In Switzerland and Austria more than 174 winners are celebrating their luck and getting closer to making their American dream come true. In other countries, the number of winners may be overlooked at first glance like the total of 4 winners for both Malta and Cyprus. 

Every winner in every country across the globe is celebrating their win, especially the 2,897 winners in Algeria and the 3,170 winners in Ghana! 

And it doesn’t end there: 748 Australian winners are ready to pack their bags and head to the USA along with 1,134 Venezuelans.  

Those who would like to compare the statistics for each eligible country on their own should take a look at our table detailing the worldwide distribution of Green Card Lottery DV-18 winners.  

Green Card Distribution per Continent 

The number of participants on one continent do not influence the odds of winning for others on a different continent because there are different quotas in place for each continent. Keeping the quotas separate increases every participant’s chance to win, no matter the country!    

 Each continent and country receives a fair portion of Green Cards:

  • Every eligible country in the Green Card Lottery receives a maximum number of Green Cards. No country receives more than 3,500 a year which equates to around 7%.
  • Thereby, continents like Europe and Africa, with many participants, have large quotas. Each receive around 20,000 Green Cards each. 

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The American Dream wishes its lucky winners all the best and much success! We are looking forward to providing you with guidance as you move closer to your dream of living in America.  

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