When will I be notified if I win? How do I proceed after that?

After the successful submission of your Green Card application, you will receive a confirmation letter no later than the beginning of December. The letter will contain the official “Electronic Submission Certificate” from the Department of State. This certificate is electronically created and then printed and sent to you. This verifies our successful and on-time submission of your application. The US-authorities announce the results of the Green Card Lottery in the spring following the submission. You can then expect to receive notification from us in May or June with the results of the lottery. All The American Dream participants will receive a letter from us with information about if they won or not.

In case you are a lucky winner, you will have to fill out several forms and prepare for an appointment in the US embassy. At this interview appointment in the embassy, you will need to provide proof of your qualifications (educational or work documents) as well as police certificates.

The team at THE AMERICAN DREAM are here to support you every step of the way! In addition, you will receive access to our exclusive winners’ forum where you can exchange ideas with thousands of other Green Card winners! It is the perfect place to learn about the experiences of others winners and make connections.