green card lottery

Do you ever wanted to play the green card lottery ? If you can answer this question with "yes", we will help you to make your wish come true. THE AMERICAN DREAM has recently once again been evaluated as one of the "Top 3" green card services world wide for the fifth year in a row! A total of 50 green card lottery service web sites were reviewed by an independent jury. We will process your application personally and individually. On our homepage you can check how many people won the green card lottery the past years. And if you want to know whether they were satisfied with our green card lottery service or not - you can have a look at the category "Our Winners".
The green card lottery is for everyone who wants to live and work in the United States of America and it entitles you to permanently immigrate into the USA. Since the early 1990s the US government has granted annually 55,000 GreenCards via the Diversity-Visa-Program- that's the official name of the annual green card lottery.
Apply now for the green card lottery and we will accompany you the whole time -from the application, to waiting for the official certificate of the green card lottery, till your green card win.