Do you want to know what the advantages are to have a greencard ? The greencard is a permanent resident visa which gives you the chance to work and live legally in the United States of America. It entitles you to permanently emigrate into the United States under relatively simple and less bureaucratic conditions. The US government has granted annually 55,000 greencards via the Diversity-Visa-Program since the early 1990s. Did you know that the chances of winning a greencard are about 1 in 25 ?
Life in the US does provide enormous opportunities. For example will the tuition costs for vocational, professional or university studies be reduced by up to 80 % when you have a greencard. If you want to apply for a greencard you first can do our eligibility check. There you will see if you are eligible for the greencard. Then fill out the application form on our home page. We will answer all your questions regarding the greencard.