Winners and Statistics

Our winners are the living proof that it is possible to make your dream of living and working in the USA a reality. Year after year, more than 1,000 customers receive a Green Card with support from The American Dream. Some of our winners needed a few tries and some won after the first or second try! The US Green Card Lottery picks winners randomly, which means everyone has the same chances to win! We like to stay in contact with our winners and hear about their experiences and provide support.

Over the years, we have gained much knowledgeable insight into the Green Card Lottery process through the support we provide our customers and we want to share this experience with you. Learn about other winners' experiences and find photos from The American Dream winners at Our Winners. Are you curious about where our winners live in the USA? Take a look at our Map of Winners and pick the spot where you want to live! Many of our winners also have their very own Blogs. Learn all about what it is like to live in the USA from an immigrant’s point of view in our exclusive Blog Alien in America. Enjoy the interesting stories and impressive photos.

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All The American Dream winners get exclusive access to our Winner Info-Center. Here you will find an application guide and comprehensive information on filing your Green Card application. If you want more information about life in the USA, visit our site on USA From A-Z for the most current and interesting facts about the USA. The USA is a large and diverse country, so take the time to learn about living and working in the USA!