Our Winners

Voices of successful Green Card winners:

Karina M. P., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Australia

I was so excited that I could not believe I won the Lottery. Now I am one step closer to obtaining a Green Card. This is a dream came true as I have always wanted to live and work in America. I thank God and National Visa Service for this opportunity.

Andreas S., Green Card winner soon in Ft. Lauderdale

"Hi people, first of all I would like to thank you for the great support and help in all matters … and especially for your patience and the many answers to my ’stupid‘ questions! Keep doing what you’re doing – you all are great … and I have already recommended you hundreds of times. … Greetings, Andi"

Cheryl E. M., DV 2006 Green Card winner from Grenada

When I saw that I won the Green Card Lottery, I screamed for joy. I was overwhelmed. I could not even breathe. Now I can continue school. Thank God and thank you National Visa Service!

Kennedy A., Green Card Winner from Ghana

I could not control my happiness when I saw that I won the lottery. Thanks be to God my father's dream and my dream has came true. He named me after President J.F. Kennedy of blessed memory and I hope to see where he was laid to rest. Thank you National Visa Service for helping me and my family to pursue our education and career in the U.S.A.. God bless America.

Heike, Green Card Winner in Lake Orion/Michigan, U.S.A

"I have been in the U.S.A since October 2006 and that was only possible with help from TAD. I only participated once and belonged to one of the lucky winners! I did have a few very high health obstacles to overcome at the beginning, but thanks to the great and supporting members of the winners’ forum, I did not lose my courage and I finally reached my goal at the end. Namely in Michigan with my boyfriend! TAD is the best partner to help you fulfill your American dream! I have already recommended you to multiple people. Thanks a bunch, without you I could never have done it! THANK YOU!!!"

Grace W. K., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Kenya

This was my third attempt entering the Green Card Lottery and I was so excited to win! National Visa Service, I thank you for your encouragement towards making it possible for me to immigrate to the land of opportunity. Thank you again!

Shahram K. & Marzieh M., Green Card Winners from Iran

"We finally have the GreenCard, but only with the help of the American Dream Team. We are very thankful that you have helped us from the beginning to the end!"

Driss T., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Morocco

It made me feel very happy and very proud because National Visa Service gave me the chance to live in a beautiful country like America. It was my dream and it meant very much to me.

Paschal C. O., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Nigeria

I am extremely grateful to God for winning the Green Card Lottery . My best regards to National Visa Service who made my dreams come true. National Visa Service is a reality. To God be the glory.

Eveleyn K. O., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Kenya

I was overjoyed together with my whole family when we learned that I was among the winners of the Green Card Lottery. We were all looking forward to this great moment. May God bless National Visa Service for the great work they do.