Our Winners

Voices from successful Green Card winners:

Driss T., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Morocco

It made me feel very happy and very proud because National Visa Service gave me the chance to live in a beautiful country like America. It was my dream and it meant very much to me.

Paschal C. O., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Nigeria

I am extremely grateful to God for winning the Green Card Lottery . My best regards to National Visa Service who made my dreams come true. National Visa Service is a reality. To God be the glory.

Eveleyn K. O., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Kenya

I was overjoyed together with my whole family when we learned that I was among the winners of the Green Card Lottery. We were all looking forward to this great moment. May God bless National Visa Service for the great work they do.

Julia J., Green Card winner from Germany, Cologne

"Thank you for your good support. Very informative newsletters and a very nice, specialized staff reachable per telephone for inquiries. My compliments." P.S.: "I just saw by coincidence that you put my comments about your staff on your homepage. I thought that was really funny … so I thought I would give you some more information about my current status. I first flew to L.A. in 2004, where I had already lived for 1 year before. In 2005, after my successfully completed apprenticeship, I flew to N.Y., just as I will do again at the beginning of 2006. I now study international economics at the FH Reutlingen School of International Business. I am expecting to then go to the States for the winter semester and have a semester of practical experience in the U.S.A. I wish you a wonderful weekend and if I can be of any help to you at any time … then do not hesitate to contact me!"

Zaydah A. O., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Tanzania

I thank God and National Visa Service that my American dream will be coming true. This is a great opportunity for me to continue my studies, work and live in such a great country. Thank you National Visa Service.

Francis M. F., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Tanzania

I was filled with joy. When I finished reading the mail I could not believe it at first. My wife was also very happy to know that our long time dreams are coming to reality. There are very few words to explain. Thanks to National Visa Service for your encouragement and support.

Alexander J. B., DV 2006 Green Card Winner from Venezuela

When I read my name on the National Visa Service web page I left without speech, I stood up with my hands on my head, I couldn't believe what I saw. My family thought there was something wrong but when I said: we won the green card !!! all of us jumped for joy.

Edgar W., DV 2005 Green Card winner from Germany, Munich

"I am grateful to have received your documents and I am very happy to be a GreenCard lottery winner with your help. I already called you and was, like always, very warmly cared for. I have of course recommended you, and like I said, I am very grateful that you could help me further. You will be my address in the U.S.A, because I feel certain that the GreenCard will be passed on safely to me through you. Again, thank you so much."

Johnstone M. N., DV 2005 Green Card Winner from Kenya

I lifted my wife up and we thanked God that our dream of working in America will be coming true after five years of trying the lottery. Thank you National Visa Service!

Fath E. M. A., DV 2005 Green Card Winner from Germany

I am extremly happy, because this is a great opportunity for me to continue my studies, work and life in America, the land of opportunities and dreams. Thank you National Visa Service, you are a very trusted company.