Green Card Winner Testimonials

More than 19.000 winners are the living proof that it is possible to make your dream of living and working in the USA a reality. Read more about our winners who won a Green Card with us.

Voices of our Green Card winners:

Stefan Z.
Thank you for the great support. From the day we won the GreenCard to holding the long-awaited GreenCard in my hand you have helped us with advice. We can finally make our dreams come true and disappear in the USA. At the end of the year we will have our big day…off to Tampa/Florida. We would not have managed that without you. Best wishes and many thanks!!!!!
Stefan Z., Green Card winner from Fürstenwalde, Germany
Oliver Sch.
Hello, Thank you TAD for the good support. I have participated in the lottery for 16 years and now, I have finally won the “GC”. Everything went smoothly. After my activation flight in NY, I am planning on immigrating to the land of opportunity. A dream comes true!
Oliver S., Green Card winner from Braunfels, Germany
Oliver Sch.
Matthias E.
Hello TAD Team! I want to thank you so much for the competent support on my way to the GreenCard!! It would not have been possible without you!
Matthias E., Green Card winner from Wipperfürth, Germany
Herr Sch.
Thank you so much The American Dream Team! Thank you for your efficient assistance – after a couple of tries – it worked it out. Now I have the GreenCard in my hands although I am not so sure yet where to live in the US, I am sure I will make the right decision. The short trip to New York in February 2011 really left some great impressions.
Mr. Sch., Green Card winner from Hannover, Germany
Herr Sch.
Michael D.
Thanks a lot The American Dream for the competent service, moreover a big compliment to co-worker J. Krüger. You were always there for me and my family helping us to find a solution to our problems or concerns. The way which led me to the GreenCard it is kind of curious, I have to go back in time: I run away from home when I was 14 years old, I wanted to go to the USA. My dream always was to live in the US, but time passed by… I married, I got two children and 18 years ago I emigrated to Spain. After being through an operation two years ago I was bored and by chance found The American Dream website, I applied for the lottery immediately and look what happened: In May I received the winner’s notification. I was unemployed at the time (things were kind of difficult in Spain) and it was tough for me to finance the whole thing but I managed it and we will fly this year still to the U.S.
Michael D., Green Card winner Siebnen, Switzerland
Family D.
Already on our second try we won the GreenCard Lottery DV-11. It all started as our eldest daughter came back home after taking part in an exchange student program in Kansas, she had two things in her luggage: the idea of emigrating and the link of The American Dream. In the following weeks she enthusiastically told us about the great time she experienced in the US and without hesitation we applied for the first time for Lottery DV-2010…it did not work it out on the first try. As everyone can see it was definitely worth to try again, one should never give up, just keep trying. We wish all participants good luck! So now we have the GreeCards in our hands and that took more or less eleven months between receiving the winner’s notification and our first entry – in New York - after the interview appointment. We are really excited about how our future in the US will be. We would like to say a big thank to The American Dream for making it possible such an easy registration and for the all efficient help during the last months.
Family D., Green Card winner from Velbert, Germany
Family D.
Desiree J.
I can barely believe how a tiny plastic card can cause so much happiness. I had participated only once and I won right away! I want to thank The American Dream for its excellent service! Everything worked fine – from the winning notification through the receipt of the card! Also, I want to thank all participants in the winner blogs, who always offered good advice. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all participants! Good luck! One Way to California – in September!
Desiree J., Green Card winner from Bad Wildungen, Germany
Josef H.
Yippeee, only 5 weeks after my return from my first entry to the US, I was sent the eagerly awaited green card by TAD. After almost 10 years of unsuccessful participation in the DV-lottery through TAD, I was finally lucky :) My long-cherished dream of living the American dream will come true, at last. During my first stay, I had literally stepped on the gas and I returned with a brand-new driver licence :) I will combine business and pleasure and work as a truck driver for cash to have a look at the States for a few years before I decide to finally settle down. Thank you so much, TAD, for the impeccable processing!
Josef H., Green Card winner from Rosenheim, Germany
Josef H.
Family K.
Dear TAD-Team, We have finally been owning the green card for a week. I didn’t even take a year for us to be informed about winning through receiving the card :-). After the activation, we would have loved to just stay there. We are very pleased with your service. Thanks a lot for the great support!
Family K, Green Card winner from Hamburg, Germany
T. and K.
Thanks to you, we are „official legal aliens“ now! American Dream, you are the best!! Thanks a 1.000.000
T. and K., Green Card winner from Bonn, Germany
T. and K.
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