Green Card Winner Testimonials

More than 19.000 winners are the living proof that it is possible to make your dream of living and working in the USA a reality. Read more about our winners who won a Green Card with us.

Voices of our Green Card winners:

A huge thank-you to The American Dream. I had participated only once and I won right away! Due to your great support, I’m holding the green card in my hand. I’m already excited for my live in the USA. I will be an official inhabitant of California beginning in 2012.
M.R., Green Card winner from Olbersdorf, Germany
Family D.
After participating in the lottery for 12 years, we were informed about winning in May, 2010. At that time, we were just moving from New Zeeland to Australia. We faced a problem when filling in the forms which was caused by the time in NZ and which put the receipt of the green card at risk. Yet, through the great support and good connections of The American Dream, we had been able to send the forms to Kentucky in July. We went from there in short steps and received the invitation to Frankfurt, saw the doctors, had the interview in the beginning of December, activated the card between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Washington D.C. and were sent the green card at the end of January. We will be moving to Colorado in the middle of March, 2011 and would like to let The American Dream know, how thankful we are for their work and help.
Family D., Green Card winner from Loerrach, Germany
Family D.
Peter und Nico
Hello American Dream Team, Thank you so much for the excellent support while applying for a Green Card. Through the great tips, professional service, and the forum, we were successful in getting a Green Card. We activated our Green Card in Florida and plan to spend out days in the USA there. Thank you for everything!
Peter and Nico, Green Card winners from Frankfurt, Germany
Joern M.
How lucky I am ! The GreenCard is the best. My motto is: No sweet without sweat. America will give me a new second life.
Joern M., Green Card winner from Kempten, Germany
Joern M.
Constanin G.
Because of I am able to live my dream in the USA ! I never thought about winning the lottery at the second try. Everything went off without a hitch and the Team of American Dream assisted me very well. Thanks for that !
Constanin G., Green Card winner from Mainz, Germany
Family R.
Hello American Dream Team! With this picture we want to say thank you for the great support and preparation for the Green Card. Thank you!
Family R., Green Card winner from Brake, Germany
Family R.
Family S.
California, here we come ! After the 4th try we won our green cards. Thank you very much, American Dream Team and to all users of the winners forum ! Next year in February 2011 we will start our new life in California.
Family S., Green Card winner from Köthen, Germany
Rocco T.
Dear TAD-Team, thank you so much for all your excellent support and documents. With your help, the application process was easy. I got lucky after the fifth try and six months later, I already had my US visa in my passport. I activated my Green Card in Maine and now plan to move to the beautiful state of Vermont. Thank you so much!
Rocco T., Green Card winner from Bad Liebenwerda, Germany
Rocco T.
Maike R.
Hallo liebes TAD-Team, was vor einem Jahr mehr oder weniger als ein Glücksversuch gestartet ist, ist inzwischen Wirklichkeit geworden. Ich hatte nicht nur das Glück in der Lotterie zu gewinnen, sondern auch tatsächlich das Visum zu bekommen. Dank der helfenden Hand von TAD lief es vom Einsenden der Unterlagen bis zum Interviewtermin ohne Probleme. Heute nun habe ich meinen Pass zurück bekommen mit dem Visum darin. Das ist für mich auch der Startschuss, meine Aktivierungsreise zu planen. Ich habe mich damals bei der Anmeldung bei TAD für den All-Inclusive Tarif entschieden. Nochmals möchte ich ein großes Dankeschön loswerden und hoffe, dass Sie auch in Zukunft vielen glücklichen Gewinnern so weiterhelfen.
Maike R., GreenCard Gewinner DV-2011 aus Leipzig
Family F.
Dear American Dream Team, with this picture and the small text we want to say THANK YOU for the professional and always friendly service. After the 5th try we won and are now holding our “ticket to new life” in our hands. Also a big THANK to the users of the winners forum. Your hints are worth one’s weight in Gold. USA we are coming !!!
Family F., Green Card winner from München, Germany
Family F.
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