Green Card Winner Testimonials

More than 19.000 winners are the living proof that it is possible to make your dream of living and working in the USA a reality. Read more about our winners who won a Green Card with us.

Voices of our Green Card winners:

Markus B.
A dream came true. A big thank to The American Dream. Thank you very much for the professional service. You have helped me from the beginning till receiving the “real” green card. The dream becomes reality – unbelievable!
Markus B., Green Card winner from Austria
Family B.
Now we can finally hold our Green Cards in our hands! With The American Dream, our dream came true in 4 years! How quickly plans chanve and how much will change in the future for us. Thank you so much for all your support and we are looking forward to sharing our adventure in the USA with you!
Family B., Green Card winner from Kiel, Germany
Family B.
Jürgen K.
A dream come true. In September 2010, I got the Green Card and made my first connections in the USA. I am almost reading to emigrate and am so happy to have gotten this chance.
Jürgen K., Green Card winner from Cologne, Germany
Ronny L.
Hello Dear TAD – Team, I have finally won a Green Card and want to thank you for your service and great support. It was worth it to stay patient for ten years! Don't give up!
Ronny L., Green Card winner from Freital, Germany
Ronny L.
Family E.
Thank you very much for the outstanding service. We played the GreenCard lottery once – and won ! We couldn’t believe it. After getting a job offer we will move directly to Detroit. We received our GreenCards fast and directly went to Mr. President…… (No, not in person – just in the wax works in Berlin). We cross our fingers for all participants !
Family E., Green Card winner from Kassel, Germany
Katja B.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, American Dream, for the big chance to live my dream. It is a pity that this dream won’t come true for everyone who is dreaming this dream for a long time.
Katja B., Green Card winner from Bottrop, Germany
Katja B.
Mark K.
Always expect the unexpected … every now and then. I almost did give up hope after participating in the green card lottery unsuccessfully several times. I decided to give the lottery one last try just a couple of hours right before the deadline in 2010. It was an even greater joy being sent the long-awaited email by The American Dream telling me that I was among the winners just six months later. America - Here I come!
Mark K., Green Card winner from Stuttgart, Germany
Familie P.
After trying to win in the Green Card Lottery, our dream finally came true! We were already in the process of applying for a EB5 visa to move to the USA. We are looking forward to starting our professional lives and our own business here. Florida - here we come!
Family P., Green Card winner from Dorsten, Germany
Familie P.
Christian S.
This can’t be true! Something like that sentence was my reaction when being told the good news by The American Dream a couple of years ago. I had to read the email over and over again until realizing my dream is going to become reality because I was chosen to be one of the lucky green card winners. From that moment on I put one foot in front of the other to obtain my green card and get to America. Neither the medical examination nor the interview or the paper work kept me from achieving my final destination: the USA. At long last I first entered the USA as a green card winner and it has been the first entry together with my long-term partner, as well. By then it had been my 9th travel to the USA and I must admit it had been the best one ever, since there are no more visas in my passport expiring and forcing me to leave. Thanks to the TAD team – I probably wouldn’t be able now to call myself permanent resident - without them.
Christian S., Green Card winner from Austria
Babsi and Mike
Dreams really do come true with the help of The American Dream. We will head to Florida in September 2010. We thank The American Dream wholeheartedly to enable us to live our dream.
Babsi and Mike, Green Card winner from Jena, Germany
Babsi and Mike
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