Green Card Winner Testimonials

More than 19.000 winners are the living proof that it is possible to make your dream of living and working in the USA a reality. Read more about our winners who won a Green Card with us.

Voices of our Green Card winners:

Familie K.
After many years, we finally won our Green Cards and will soon move to Florida. Thanks to The American Dream team for the great support.
Family K. - Green Card winner from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Daniel K.
Finally, after the sixth try! Thank you TAD for the years of great support! Soon, I will make my way to Colorado.
Daniel K. - Green Card winner from Cologne, Germany
Daniel K.
Marius A.
My parents registered for the Green Card Lottery 7 years in a row but never won. But then it happened, when we expected it the least. I was especially lucky since my mother won her Green Card right before my 21st birthday which automatically made me eiligible to obtain a Green Card as well. That was literally my last chance! Everyone can be a Green Card winner even if it always seems chances are so slim, I am the perfect example! Using TAD’s service was definitely the right choice – they offer a fantastic and competent service and make sure that absolutely nothing goes wrong. Thanks to The American Dream’s great service my dream has come true after all these years. Now I can finally start planning my studies in the USA!
Marius A. - Green Card winner from Schierling, Germany
Dirk S.
Thank you so much, American Dream, for the great support and help along the way to my Green Card. Finally, after having participated in the Green Card Lottery for 16 years, I can call myself a lucky Green Card winner – according to the motto „Every year is another chance to make your dreams come true! Now I can finally say: "Goodby Germany … Welcome To California".
Dirk S. - Green Card winner from Cologne, Germany
Dirk S.
Judith S.
I want to thank The American Dream for this wonderful possibility and their great help!!! Now I am finally holding the Green Card in my hand and I am all ready to go! Currently I am sitting in sunny San Diego - maybe my new home! Things certainly remain exciting! To everyone else - good luck and much success!
Judith S. - Green Card winner from Munich, Germany
Thomas F. and Finote S.
Hello fellow emigrants, if you want to try to live your dreams, then go to The American Dream. We have been in Tampa, Florida for six weeks now. My wife and I left the country with one suitcase. Meanwhile, we live in an apartment, own a nice Chevrolet and I have already found work as an electrician. My wife will be working at the supermarket Aldi soon. We like it here in Florida, there is enough space for everyone and nature and man still live together as one. In the future, I will be a truck driver and with this well paid job we will buy a house near the Gulf of Mexico. Dreams will then have become reality. Best wishes to all other expatriates!
Thomas F. and Finote S. - Green Card winners from Weinolsheim, Germany
Thomas F. and Finote S.
Picture of a Green Card winner with a Green Card
I want to thank the whole team of the American Dream, you are a competent and reliable partner on the way to the Green Card. Now I can live my dream and have found a place to work and discover in Florida.
Dennis H. - Green Card winner from Berlin, Germany
Peter W.
For 10 whole years I played the lottery each year. Now finally after such a long time I lucked out. Happily I now hold my Permanent Resident Card in my hand, the invitation to the country in which I want to grow old. Thank you to American Dream for the great support.
Peter W. - Green Card winner from Bad Urach, Germany
Peter W.
Christa M.
Here is my picture, which shows me beamingly with my Green Card. I think the photo shows how I am feeling. Nothing has been decided yet, but the chances are very good that soon I'll head to California. My motto for everyone else who has this dream: "Dreams do come true, just believe!". The team of The American Dream has made my dream come true. Once again, many, many thanks!
Christa M. - Green Card winner from Fulda, Germany
Family K.
The first attempt brought instant luck and now we are a lot closer to our dream. We would like to thank the American Dream Team for the great support.
Family K. - Green Card winners from Lemwerder, Germany
Family K.
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