Alien in America

Chatting in my Mother Tongue

25 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Oh man, that was so good. My German friend, who lives in Connecticut, came to Maine and stayed in our house for two days. She and her son moved from Germany to Maine the same month as I did: in August, 2011. They lived here until 2016. For more than a year now she and I rarely see each other, usually only when we make the effort to meet for a day in Boston, which lies right in between our homes.

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Dangerous Maine

21 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Dangerous Maine A couple of weeks ago, at 10:30 p.m., it knocked at our front door.


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Feeling Like Home

18 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Feeling Like Home The town I live in has a huge airport that originally belonged to a military base (people are still mourning that it got shut down in 2011 – it meant so much business and it really brought a lot of color and variety into town).

Blue Angels,air show
American Way of Life

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Surviving Hurricane Irma

12 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Surviving Hurricane Irma My husband is an idiot – but a nice one.

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Volunteering in Texas

7 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Volunteering in Texas “Does he really want to burn two weeks of vacation for that?”


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Stinky - our new Neighbor

4 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Stinky - our new Neighbor Almost every week, my colleague Jenny entertains us with adorable and funny stories about deer strolling through her back yard, chipmunks playing on her porch, and turkeys knocking on her back door. Yes, seriously, there is apparently one turkey – there are many living close to her house – that...

American Way of Life

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Name Change in Germany

1 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Name Change in Germany Finally, I am doing it! After five years of procrastination I have started the process of registering my marriage in Germany and –  even more important for me right now – changing my name in Germany, too.

name change,marriage registration

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Solar Eclipse in Maine

29 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Solar Eclipse in Maine Well, that was really disappointing! I think everybody noticed the hype around the solar eclipse in the US on August 21, 2017. People traveled from far to be in the corridor of the full eclipse. I read that some had booked their hotel rooms two years ago just to make...

solar eclipse 2017

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My Friend the Ex-Trucker

25 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

My Friend the Ex-Trucker I talked about my friend last year in this post. I admire her so much. At 62 she decided to leave her job as an administrative assistant and to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a truck driver.

truck,druck driver,age
American Way of Life

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A New Furnace

22 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

A New Furnace We moved into our house six years ago. I think I have mentioned before how small this house is. But we love it. When we moved in, we knew that the furnace was old, but only a couple of years later we learned that the furnace was probably 40 years...


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Summer – The Time for Yard Sales

18 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Summer – The Time for Yard Sales I  get all excited whenever I see a self-painted sign hung up on a tree, saying that there is a yard sale (or garage sale) nearby. I am so happy when I have time to stop by these funny sales.

yard sale,garage sale,summer
American Way of Life

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