2nd Birthday

26 Mar 2012 Karina S. Henkel

Obviously neither Flo nor I just had our 2nd birthday. But even if he got a little older, Flo celebrated his 2nd birthday in the US yesterday. Last year we took a little romantic trip to San Luis Obispo for his birthday. This year we stayed a little closer to home, but went down to Huntington Beach. We met some of our friends, had a lovely brunch and afterwards went to Huntington Main Street to buy Flo a longboard.

For dinner I took Flo down to Santa Monica to the Boa Steakhouse. It is a upscale restaurant that is located directly by the beach and hosts celebrities all the time. Flo and I have meant to go there since we moved here, but always wanted to save it up for a special occassion. Flo's birthday obviously was special enough and so I treated him to an amazing steak experience.

While we sat at dinner we started talking about the year that already had gone by since we moved to the US and that made me feel a little proud. I didn't expect everything to go so good that we could afford a dinner like yesterday's one without even worrying about it. We have only been here a year now, but we already saved up all the money we spent for moving here and even a little more. It feels good to be able to live a good lifestyle and not really have to worry about that much. Even if everyone loved to tell us how hard we will have it here and that we should get comfortable with the idea of being broke in LA.

Moving here has been a big but also an awesome step for us. And celebrating Flo's birthday with friends, an amazing steak and the beach closeby all day proved that for us all over again. Life is good! And what better present can you get for your birthday than this?!