A New Furnace

22 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

We moved into our house six years ago. I think I have mentioned before how small this house is. But we love it. When we moved in, we knew that the furnace was old, but only a couple of years later we learned that the furnace was probably 40 years old – built in the ‘70s, Over the past years, we had to call for emergency repair service at least twice, sometimes three times, a winter.

Last winter, when it was almost 10 F (-12 C) outside, the furnace broke again. Of course, when that happened, I was alone because Andrew was in sunny Puerto Rico. After I spent a whole night heating the house with the wood stove, constantly afraid to fall asleep and to wake up either with the house on fire or with frozen pipes, we decided to get a new furnace. Actually, the repair guy kind of hinted that this might be the last time that he was able to repair that old thing because there are just no replacement parts on the market anymore.

And now, finally, we are getting our new furnace – way before the cold season starts again. After considering different ways to heat a house (heat pumps, natural gas, propane, oil), we decided to stick with oil. A propane furnace would be much cheaper, but I feel very, very, very uncomfortable just thinking about it. I am too afraid that we will explode. I just can’t help it.

But there is another benefit with the new furnace (besides the raised efficiency and therefore lower oil expenses): We will get a high-tech thermostat that will be operated via internet. We will be able to control the temperature in the house even when we are traveling.

Andrew is so excited about this thermostat. I almost got the feeling that he wouldn’t mind keeping the old furnace if he would just get the new thermostat. He loves toys like that. And now we both have something to look forward to. He can play with the furnace and I don’t have to worry about frozen pipes anymore. Yay!