Another Year is Over

1 Jan 2018 Karina S. Henkel

I have to admit it: Once a year, on January 1st, I lay tarot cards - just for fun – and just for me. It’s my little tradition. Before I lay my cards, I read what I had noted the year before and compare my notes to what actually happened over the past twelve months.  It doesn’t really matter whether the cards were right or wrong. It’s just a little game I play. But I have been doing this now for more than twenty years, and for more than ten years I haven’t had a bad deck once. I do this for fun, but also because I like to remember what has happened in the past year and I want to think about what I want to accomplish in the next year.

So, what happened in 2017 in my life? Actually, not that much, I must say. It was an eventless year, but who is going to say that is bad?

● The company I am still working for finally found an investor and we got enough money to pull through 2017. That was a relief after struggling for two years from month to month, not knowing if the company would survive.  ● I finally got two of my stepsons to visit Germany and France. I always wanted them to see some of Europe.  But in hindsight I am not so sure if they liked it at all. ● I finished taking care of my father’s estate. It was a relief when that was all done. ● After six years I finally registered my marriage in Germany and I am on my way to changing my name on all of my documents and records. ● I am feeling more and more at home here.

In 2018 my biggest plan is to find an affordable but bigger house. That will be my big project for this year. And I would like to continue developing my career, of course. It is so much fun to work and learn and grow with my job.

Well, of course, I would also like to become rich. But I haven’t figured out yet how to do that. Please contact me if you should know a safe way to achieve financial freedom.  My tarot cards have not answered that question yet.