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Thanksgiving 2014

1 Dec 2014 Karina S. Henkel

This year we hosted thanksgiving at our house for the first time. It wasn't a really big celebration, but we had our closest friends over and I cooked a three course meal for everyone. I actually never thought I would do this (at least not before having kids or being older), but I actually spent around three hours in the kitchen to prep for this and didn't sit down once until we actually ate. Now you might ask yourself how I cooked a whole meal including a turkey in three hours. Well, there actually was no turkey involved since we are vegan and our friends decided to join in on the vegan fun. With one tiny exception: Flo brought some turkey leftovers from his office potluck and our friend actually got his complete thanksgiving dinner with turkey.

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Winter - Finally!

17 Nov 2014 janinamihr

I never was a big fan of winter, cold weather or even christmas time to begin with. But since we moved here I developed a weird love to this time of the year. Every October when Halloween comes closer I get giddy for November 1st when Starbucks gets out the...

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Where is home?

3 Nov 2014 janinamihr

Before we moved here everyone told us that by moving to a new country you somewhat lose a real home country. Yes, you still feel connected to the country you are originally from (which for me is Germany), but the country you move to can also become some sort of...

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Luxury Problems

20 Oct 2014 janinamihr

This post might be hard to understand for everyone who never moved away from their home. But everyone who has been in our shoes will most likely understand this all the way through. January will mark our four year anniversary in the US.

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Sometimes life happens...

13 Oct 2014 janinamihr

Once again I have to begin a post with an apology. I haven't been posting in a while and I actually don't have a real reason for it. It's just one of those cases where life just happened.

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12 Aug 2014 janinamihr

We have been in the US for nearly four years now and we obviously are super thrilled whenever friends or family come to visit us. But now, after all the month we have been here, I feel like it is also becoming a stressful time.

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Well, hello!

14 Jul 2014 janinamihr

I feel like I have to give a little 'Comeback'-speech, because I have been absent from the blog for a little bit. But starting this post I realize there isn't that much to say actually. A lot happened since the last time I posted.

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1 year and counting

5 May 2014 janinamihr

Living far away from home you often get asked how many times a year you actually visit home. When we first moved here I was sure my answer to that would always be at least once a year.

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2014 so far

14 Apr 2014 janinamihr

2013 was somewhat of a wild year for us. Flo started a new job, we moved, I switched jobs and the last three months of the year we basically had visitors non stop. Looking at 2014 I thought it might become somewhat of a smoother ride, but so far it...

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Me, an emigrant? Oh, true!

31 Mar 2014 janinamihr

I think I mentioned this before, but even after 3 years of living in a foreign country, I still don't really feel like an emigrant. Yes, I moved thousands of miles from home, started all over, had to build a whole new life for myself - but calling myself an...

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New job, new life

19 Mar 2014 janinamihr

I already told you about the new job I started a few weeks ago and I can't stress enough how good of a decision it was to take that step. When I first quit at the old company (after 6 month) I was pretty panicked.

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