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All moved in!

All moved in!

1 Apr 2013 Karina S. Henkel

Since I had a little time on my hands, I started setting up the kitchen, closets and the bathroom. We had moved stuff over here all week long, so the majority of our stuff (basically everything but the furniture) was with me already. Besides greeting the Fridge delivery guys, I also had to be here for the Verizon guy, who came to set up our new Internet, TV and Phone connection. As you see, we planned this all to go down in one day. Flo and the movers arrived here at around 2pm and were finished about 2 hours later. And here comes the unbelievable part: At 6.30pm we were all finished up, even already had our pictures on the wall and were ready for our first friends to come over.Thanks to the moving company and having both apartments at the same time for about one week, this move was...

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One last Fun weekend

18 Mar 2013 janinamihr

One last Fun weekend Today Flo and I sepereately went to lunch with co-workers, shopped for a little bit and spent the evening relaxing on the couch. It was nice to dedicate a whole weekend to just breath and mentally get ready for what lies ahead.

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Week full of news

28 May 2012 janinamihr

Week full of news That whole week we have been looking for a new apartment in Long Beach and a new car. Our plan is to get the new car in June and find the new apartment in July. The actual move will have to happen in the beginning of August.

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Hello LA

21 May 2012 janinamihr

We have been living in LA for almost 16 months now. 16 months that on the one hand felt incredibly short, but on the other hand I also feel so home here that it scares me sometimes.

American Dream,LA,Long Beach,OC
Life in LA, Preparing

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6 months anniversary

1 Aug 2011 janinamihr

6 months anniversary For everyone who wants to ask us now if it was worth it: It definitely was and still is! We both grew so much through this experience, learnt a lot about ourselves and we grew so much closer! Moving away and starting all over again makes you learn to appreciate...

Greencard, Life in LA, Preparing

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Ask me your questions!

2 May 2011 janinamihr

Ask me your questions! What helped us out a lot was the American Dream winner forum (which you can join as a winner) and Greencard winners that had already gone through every step of the process. I would like to kind of give that favor back now that we live in the US, too,...

American Dream,Greencard,TAD,US
Greencard, Lessons to learn, Preparing, Visa Application

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The first tears are the hardest!

26 Jan 2011 janinamihr

The first tears are the hardest! On Sunday I had to say Goodbye to my brother, who is working in Hamburg this week. That was actually really easy, because my brother said that this Goodbye is not for long and that he isn't afraid of not seeing me, because there are phones, Skype and we actually...


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I am without home!

24 Jan 2011 janinamihr

I am without home! Yesterday evening – after all the stuff was brought away – we moved in with my parents. We will now live in the small guest room with about 20 boxes of loose stuff that I have to pack into 6 suitcases within the next week. I actually feel good living here.


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Luck is on our side – hopefully!

16 Jan 2011 janinamihr

If I were superstitious, I wouldn't have to worry about my future in the US anymore. Why? Let me tell you a little story: My parents came over to take some of our furniture home with them yesterday.


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Alien in Germany

14 Jan 2011 janinamihr

I may be an alien in the US very soon, but right now I already feel like an alien here in Germany. My life is just not what it had been. And it is just not similar to the ones other people around me life.


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The last three weeks begin now...

9 Jan 2011 janinamihr

The last three weeks begin now... I am so amazed by how quickly time runs by when you wait for something to happen. When you wait for this one huge moment to finally come. In my case: When you wait for this plane to take off and take you into your new life.

dream,germany,goodbye,Los Angeles,parents,plane,take off

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