Flying Ice on Highways

7 Feb 2017 Karina S. Henkel

In winter I become a raging fury when I see cars with ice and snow on their roofs. This is so dangerous and I just don’t understand why these people don’t take care of it. Well, it is partially understandable because it endangers only the cars behind them and not themselves. For these drivers, themselves, it is very convenient. Instead of scraping the ice from the roof in the morning they just have to drive to work, and on their way one piece after the other flies off their car roof, and when they arrive at their destination their car is clean.

I see ice flying on the highways all the time. I see how cars get hit and how nobody is able to avoid it. You see that piece of ice coming but you can’t just stop or change into a different lane because there are so many other cars around you. I am very afraid of these situations and do everything to avoid them.

But here I am (my car roof is always meticulously clean), driving to work in winter and looking at every car trying to avoid the dangerous ones. I either try to pass them as quickly as possible or I slow down and get as much distance as possible between them and me. But no matter how much I try to stay away from these cars, last week a huge piece of ice hit my car again. It flew directly towards me. I saw it coming as if it moved in slow motion, exploded on my windshield and I am surprised that it didn’t break. 

Whenever I see one of these cars my inner German is yelling at me: “Call the police, call the police!” Of course, I don’t do that, but I wish there would be a law against it.