Foreign Hobbies

10 Feb 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Hunting as a hobby is one of these things that I don‘t understand. I understand that we have to kill animals because we have to eat protein, at least once in a while. Nowadays, people like me don’t have to kill in order to get their meat. We just go to the supermarket. But when I hear that there are people here in Maine who live off hunting and selling the meat, I understand. But shooting animals just because it is fun  . . .  no, I don’t get that. But this sport is probably as old as human beings’ existence.
And there is another hobby I will never understand: ice fishing. As soon as the ice is thick enough on the rivers and lakes, people go out there and bring little cabins onto the ice. Fishing is usually an outdoor activity, but they turn it into an indoor adventure. They build these little huts, organize a porta-potty, put furniture inside and probably turn a heater on in their tiny cabins. I sometimes wonder if they also bring their TV and watch Netflix while they are inside. Then they drill holes into the ice which is also the floor of their cabin for a couple of months. 
All these preparations are probably part of the fun. But then the real fun starts. These people sit on their tiny chairs and put their fishing rod into that hole. And then they sit and wait until a fish bites. 
I understand that fishing must have some perks. Being outdoors, enjoying nature, no pressure, just waiting and almost meditating while thinking about fish must be very relaxing. I get that. But what is the beauty of ice fishing? You sit in a dark tiny cabin that is probably quite cold; stare at the walls (or on your smart phone) while waiting for a fish to bite. 
Where is the fun in that? Could anybody explain that to me?