I like meat, but please don’t remind me that these once were living animals

5 Oct 2017 Karina S. Henkel

My best friend in the US married last week. I was her maid of honor (actually, because I am married, I was supposed to call myself the matron of honor – how terrible does that sound? Who the f…. wants to be a matron? Not me.)

Anyway.  My friend lives in Connecticut and asked me to bring a lot of the famous Maine lobsters for the reception. At the end of her request, she said “Oh, by the way, I want them alive. That is cheaper.”

I immediately regretted that I had agreed to get the lobster for her.

I love eating lobster. I love all kinds of meat. But I am truly conflicted about killing animals just for my pleasure. I totally accept that human beings are meat eaters but also think it is cruel to kill animals, no matter the reason.

And sitting in that car with several boxes of living lobsters in the back that desperately tried to get out of their tight prison was not a nice feeling. I listened to the scratching noises and all I could think about was that these poor little things would be thrown into boiling water later that day – cooked alive.

I am so pathetic – feeling sorry for all the poor animals but also enjoying every piece of meat that I can get.

My friend cooked all the lobsters that night and, of course, I had one at the reception the next day. And it was good, just perfect soft-shell lobster. But I couldn’t help but feel sorry for these little red guys and it was a bit hard for me to enjoy it this time.