Lazy Day

13 May 2012 Karina S. Henkel

lazyWith moving to the US, comes a lot less vacation days as I as a german am used to. It always makes me super jealous when we have friends or family in town and they tell us what they do all day, how relaxing and nice it is and how much fun they have. I know I am more than blessed to be here all year long, but sometimes I really miss having a few weeks off work and travel through the world.

Whenever this jealousy hits me, I try to make myself some vacation replacement time. I usually do that by going to the beach or exploring the beautiful LA with Flo. But today we felt super lazy and therefor decided to just hang out by the pool and enjoy the warm LA weather. It feels kind of weird to just go to the pool, hang out and go back to your normal life in your own apartment. Sometimes when I lay down there I feel like being in a hotel and on vacation. And that actually is that feeling I sometimes so desperately need. Even if it is just for a few hours.

I hope that once we move to be closer to Flo's new job, we will live closer to the beach. Right now we drive around 45 minutes to the beach and that can be very exhausting in the morning. So I hope that living by the beach will provide the vacationy feeling on a more regular basis. So the regular work craziness will be a little easier to endure!