Most Exciting Day Ever

7 Feb 2018 Karina S. Henkel

This was a crazy, fantastic day. After all these days of cleaning our house and staging it for the photographer and potential buyers, it got finally listed. It was the day before yesterday, at noon, when it officially went online. All of our work in the last week had paid off. The pictures taken by the professional photographer that the agency  sent to take pictures looked amazing. To be honest, the pictures looked much better than the house really looks. I was still worried that we won’t get offers because the house desperately needs painting inside and outside. We just haven’t had the time to make the house look really good.

But one hour after our house appeared on all the real estate websites (like and Zillow), we already had two requests for showings. By the end of the first day we had four showings and one showing was set up for the next day. It was unbelievably exciting to deal with all these messages that demanded us to confirm the showings. By 3 pm, Andrew and I were partly joking about how disappointed we were that there were not more showings. It was a joke, but there was a true core to it. Because when you get a high you want to keep it going like that.

By 5 pm we were both kidding again about how disappointed we were for not having received an offer yet. That was also a joke but, of course, with each showing we hoped that this is the one - the one buyer who falls in love with our house – just the way Andrew did six years ago.

I can’t wait to see what  is going to happen in the next days.

This was the best and most exciting day in my life! I felt like a child again, waiting for Santa Claus, but  knowing perfectly well that he doesn’t exist. I knew that the gifts came from the adults, but I couldn’t care less. I just wanted to have all my wonderful gifts. That feeling from my childhood came back to me today. And that, in itself, is priceless. I think I can truly say today that even if we should not sell this house quickly enough, and if we should lose the new house because of that, I am a happy woman, just because of the way I am able to enjoy this exciting time.