My Friend the Ex-Trucker

25 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

I talked about my friend last year in this post. I admire her so much. At 62 she decided to leave her job as an administrative assistant and to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a truck driver. She was attracted to trucks since she was a teenager but never dared to do it. There were always more important things to do (studying chemistry, getting married, being a mom). There was never room for this kind of a dream. And later, it never seemed to be smart to make that move. She thought she was too old.

But then, at 62, she suddenly decided that she wanted to do it anyway. She told me that she doesn’t want to die regretting that she never even tried it. And so, she did.

She had attended a driver’s school for almost a year on almost every weekend while she was still working full time as an admin and part time as a translator. And she loved it! She enjoyed every second that she spent in these trucks and taking care of them, too. She was in heaven and finally made the jump. She quit her full-time job and found a job as a trucker. For eight months, she drove across the country and loved it.

But now she is back in Maine again. She just got a new job as an administrative assistant. It turned out that she loved the job but didn’t like to be away from home for weeks. She also loves her cute house in Portland and wanted to spend time in it. She wanted to be a trucker, but not for more than five days a week. Since she couldn’t find a job that could guarantee that, she decided that she would leave her dream job and go back to her old life.

But she is not unhappy at all. She is so grateful for the fact that it is possible for a woman of her age to change her career in such a radical way in the US – and then to change back again. She got a taste of the life of her dreams but also knows now what she doesn’t like about it. She wouldn’t have had this liberty in Germany – not at her age.