My perfect Halloween

30 Oct 2017 Karina S. Henkel

It’s that time of the year again. Starting two months ago, I started seeing Halloween candy and decoration items in every store. Houses and yards are now decorated with carved pumpkins, spider webs, and skeletons. And everybody braces him- and herself for October 31st, when nationwide, millions of kids are going to knock on millions of doors to ask for candy that parents don’t allow them to eat because it is so bad for their teeth.

After Halloween, parents steal their kids’ candy and bring it to their work places to save their children’s teeth and destroy their colleague’s health.

A beautiful tradition that triggers many nice memories in every American.

And I am going to avoid this event all together again! Yay!!!

Luckily, Andrew is absolutely on my side when I refuse to spend a couple of hundred  dollars on candy that would go to strange children - children who I have never ever seen in my life before. When I moved to the US six years ago, I was absolutely willing to embrace this tradition. But we live in the perfect neighborhood for Halloween: small streets with a lot of houses. Parents drive their kids to this kind of a neighborhood because they assume that there are many doors that will willingly open upon their knocks.

But not our door!

Andrew says that he did his share when he raised his three sons. He doesn’t want to deal with little children anymore, especially strange little children.

Andrew and I will have a date night out that day. After work we will go out for dinner and then to a movie. We have to stay out pretty long because there are also quite a few teenagers who knock on doors even after 10 pm. They also want their share of candy. That’s why Andrew and I must watch a very long film – maybe Blade Runner? That one is pretty long.