No Christmas Because of Winter Weather?

29 Dec 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Every child loves it and even many adults want it: a white Christmas. As a child I was always disappointed when there was no snow on Christmas Eve, because that’s the only way a real Christmas was supposed to look. For some reason I don’t seem to remember that there were any troubles or problems attached to having a lot of snow on the ground when I was a child. On the contrary: Santa Claus always made it on time with all the candy and his presents. It was just wonderful.

I am not sure if this post is about Maine or about winter weather in general. But this has been the first white Christmas in Maine in a while, and it turned out that several of my friends and family members actually had to spend that day alone because of the winter weather. Snow and icy rain was predicted, and Andrew’s family decided to cancel our holiday celebration because there were severe warnings about ice on the roads. One of his sisters has to drive with her family from Massachusetts, and it would have been treacherous and dangerous for them to drive on that day.

I was lucky because on my important day, Christmas Eve, the weather was ok. It was damn cold, but no precipitation. Therefore, we were able to run some errands during the daytime and receive family for dinner. Even if the evening was way too short for my taste, I enjoyed my mother in law’s and stepsons’ company a lot.

On cold days like that I feel a coziness that only a snowy winter day can give. On Christmas, inside our house where a woodstove gives light and warmth and where everything is decorated, and the table is set up festively, I feel as happy and sheltered as I felt as a child. I keep saying it on and on, and I will keep saying it: I love winter in Maine.