Not Without My Laundry Dryer

9 Jan 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Before I moved to the US I never had a laundry dryer. One reason might have been  I always lived in small apartments where there was not really room for that. The other reason was maybe because I grew up without a dryer and didn’t know anyone who had one. But ever since I was in the lucky position of having a job, I always had a washing machine. I still remember when I got my first washing machine after living for several years without one. I actually sat in front of the machine and stared happily into this little round window, watching the laundry getting washed without me hauling it to the laundromat and schlepping it back. I was in heaven.

When I moved here I stood in front of the washing machine and the dryer in Andrew’s basement and contemplated  how I so don’t need a dryer. The washer – yes, but the dryer? What a waste of energy, I thought. I was seriously looking for a drying rack to hang up the wet laundry – the way I always had it done, as had my mother and generations of grandmothers before me. But I couldn’t find one. I looked in two stores but didn’t dare to ask anybody about it. So, I decided to live with this waste of energy until I felt comfortable enough to ask around.

And guess what? I never looked back to the drying rack again. What a convenient thing it was to wash the laundry and not  wait two days until it was dry. And after I got used to the dryer I did not want to even look for a drying rack ever again. Why would I want this extra step  of hanging all that stuff on a rack? And by the way, nobody does that here – NOBODY!! Isn’t it my duty to adapt as well as possible to the American way of life? Who am I to criticize that?

And I guess you can picture my face when our dryer broke. We called the repair guy immediately and I made sure that I didn’t have to wash anything as long as the dryer wasn’t working. This way I got myself new underwear.

Sometimes I like the American way of life.