Real Cowboys

4 Jan 2018 Karina S. Henkel

I am sure I have seen them before. I must have. But for some reason I can’t remember that I ever saw men dressed like that before our visit to Las Vegas. There were important rodeos going on when Andrew and I visited that city, and wherever we went we saw men of all ages wearing big cowboy hats, huge buckles, and heavy cowboy boots. Women wore fancy dresses with bulky cowboy boots and cowboy hats. I am used to women wearing strange things, but men wearing cowboy hats was very new to me.

I hope I didn’t stare too much. Coming from a big city I am usually very good at hiding my curiosity in those cases. But I was fascinated by these men. Old men, middle aged men, teenagers, and boys: they all wore something that I would call a costume but was clearly  just as normal for them to wear as blue jeans.

And then there were the cars! Andrew managed to get a picture of one of them. We all have seen stretch limousines, but the car we passed was a stretch pickup with a Texas license plate, of course. Why would anyone need a stretch pickup? Would someone use it to bring a group of teenagers to their prom while delivering a cow on the back of that truck?

All of that made me even more curious about states like Texas and New Mexico. People must be so different there from where I live. Friends told me how different the mentality is in the south. Some southerners who moved to Maine decades ago are still suffering from the “cold” and “distant” Maine character. They never got used to the New England way of charm.

What hobbies do the Southerners have nowadays? Here in Maine, skiing, hunting, rafting, sailing, climbing, and hiking are very common. But it’s hot in the south. Do they have any outdoor activities at all? Americans seem to dislike the heat a lot and cherish their air conditioners. So, what do they do in the south and how do they stay cool while they are doing it?

All these questions need to be answered. And I would love to go there and explore that. I think I would like to live there, too. Just for a while. Just long enough to get a feeling for that part of the country, too.