Say Yes to Las Vegas

9 Nov 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Since I met Andrew nine years ago (for the second time – but that is another story), he keeps telling me that he wants to show me Las Vegas. Unfortunately for him, I was never very interested in this city. There was a time, though, that we contemplated marrying there because it looked as if that might have shortened my immigration process. But when I did my research about that, it turned out that, in our case, it would have made things even worse.

Andrew likes slot machines. Whenever possible, he goes to a casino. I couldn’t think of anything else that bores me more than playing a slot machine. Wait, no, there is something that is for me as boring as slot machines: watching sports on TV – any sports.

But Andrew loved Las Vegas when he was there the last time, more than ten years ago. And he is eager to convince me that I will love it, too.

Finally, I gave in. A couple of weeks ago I allowed him to book a little trip to Las Vegas in mid-December. Andrew is soooo excited about this trip. I wasn’t at first, but I was happy to make him happy (I am such a good wife, am I not?). But when I did a bit more research about Las Vegas I discovered that we could book a tour to the Grand Canyon. It’s a long drive to the canyon with a stop at the Hoover Dam, but I didn’t care. Now I am excited about this trip, too. I can finally see a little of the US.

Usually I use all my vacation time to visit my peeps in Germany, but I am longing to see more of the US. And finally this is an opportunity to do that. And I was surprised to find out how long the flight from Boston to Las Vegas is – it takes even longer than getting from Boston to Dublin. Sometimes I keep forgetting how big this country is.