Squirrels, Chipmunks and other Neighbors

30 Nov 2017 Karina S. Henkel

I just love watching all the animals that live in our neighborhood. I feed birds and squirrels on my porch, and every Mainer I tell about this is shocked - not about the birds, but about the fact that I feed squirrels. Andrew’s aunt warned me that the squirrels would come into my house and destroy everything because of their conniving nature. She even admitted that her husband used to shoot them because they were such a plague. At that point it was my turn to be shocked.

I have never noticed that the squirrels were interested in coming into our house. They love the food I put on the porch every morning. And the only thing they are also interested in is the bird feeder. Oh yeah, they are greedy. They want the bird food, too. No matter how difficult I try to make it with multiple squirrel baffles, they will find ways to get to the bird food, anyway. My picture is the proof.

The squirrels in my area are gray and huge. My German friend who visited me a couple of years ago called them monster squirrels. I got so used to their size that I was actually shocked when I saw my first red squirrel here in the US last week. It was tiny compared to the gray ones. It looked like a baby squirrel, but was definitely a grown up.  

The two chipmunks that reside in our garage’s wall are also very fun to watch. Although it’s not fun to see the neighbor’s cat sitting right in front of the hole to the chipmunk’s apartment, waiting for her next snack.

I don’t really appreciate the wasps that decided to build their hive in our attic. It’s not a problem now, in winter, but in summer they are very active. So far only few of them have found their way into our living room. But these wasps are huge, and I kind of freaked out when I heard one of them flying around our TV. But I also didn’t have the heart to call a pest control service and let the entire population be killed. I can’t euthanize them.  My philosophy is: as long as they leave me in peace – I leave them in peace.

It’s fun to have all these animals around me. The only animal that I really don’t like too close to me is the skunk that I have not met yet – thank God – but I smell it once in a while. I know they look very cute, too, but I truly prefer to wear a different perfume than the one that they like to share so graciously.

This neighborhood is heaven for me!