Stinky - our new Neighbor

4 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Almost every week, my colleague Jenny entertains us with adorable and funny stories about deer strolling through her back yard, chipmunks playing on her porch, and turkeys knocking on her back door. Yes, seriously, there is apparently one turkey – there are many living close to her house – that decided to adapt even more than his companions to their human neighbors and started knocking at the back door. It still seems to be very surprised and shocked when someone actually comes and opens that door, but it won’t give up on practicing its new skill.

Until recently, I had only chickadees and squirrels in my back yard – they are cute but, unfortunately, not special at all.

But now I have a skunk.

I guess I can feel very special now.

I have not met our new neighbor yet, and I am really not sure if I want to meet him ever. Although skunks look very cute, they have this unfortunate odor thing going that makes them even less attractive as a companion than even an old ugly turkey could ever be.

So far, Andrew and I have been lucky. Our new stinky neighbor usually comes home quite late. Most of the time Andrew and I are home by then. Most of our windows are open whenever we are home (hey, it’s summer), and we either sit in the living room watching TV or are already in bed. But it doesn’t matter where we are in the house, if there is only one window open, our neighbor’s perfume spreads quickly through the rooms and then we know that we better not leave the house anymore. Neither Andrew nor I are eager to startle our little friend by accidently stepping on its tail in the dark outside and become the beneficiary of his gracious share of perfume. I know that if the skunk would hit me with this stuff I probably couldn’t go to work for weeks. Well, I wouldn’t mind a nice long vacation, but what is that good for when you can’t even leave the house anymore because your smell is so appalling?

Let’s just hope that I will never be able to tell a funny story about our stinky neighbor. I have the hunch that the fun of this story would never be on my side.