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Summer – The Time for Yard Sales

Summer – The Time for Yard Sales

18 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

I  get all excited whenever I see a self-painted sign hung up on a tree, saying that there is a yard sale (or garage sale) nearby. I am so happy when I have time to stop by these funny sales. But every time I see a sign like that and I can’t go there, I am deeply disappointed.

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American Way of Life

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Our Ugly Big Blue Swimming Pool

14 Jul 2016 Karina S. Henkel

Our Ugly Big Blue Swimming Pool We have a tiny backyard. The garage takes up most of the space. I am not complaining about the size of our yard because I don’t like to do gardening at all. I grew up in Berlin and even taking care of my balcony was sometimes a chore for me.

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Summer in Maine

11 Jul 2016 Karina S. Henkel

Summer in Maine Here it is again: my favorite time of the year – summer. But the summer in Maine is truly special. It’s unbelievable how good everything smells. The trees, the soil, the ocean, wood - it is a beautiful mixture that makes me happy whenever I step outside of the house...


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It's tourist season: Visa Appointments require waiting times

24 Jul 2015

It's tourist season: Visa Appointments require waiting times

Summertime equals tourist season. But does this also mean that longer waiting times for consular interview appointments can be expected? In the following that is the question we are pursuing.


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Freezing When it's Hot

18 Jun 2015 karinahenkel

Freezing When it's Hot I live in Maine. If you don’t know Maine, don’t worry. Hardly anyone outside of the US has heard of Maine. It’s a small state with only 1.6 million inhabitants way up in the north on the east coast. It’s right on the border of Canada.

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USA Festival Summer July – August 2014

16 Jul 2014

USA Festival Summer July – August 2014 All over the world you will find passionate music fans. Fans in Germany and its neighboring countries might have already visited festivals like Rock am Ring, the Hurricane Festival or the Donauinselfest in Vienna. Whoever might have missed these big festivals can visit a festival in the U.S. this summer.


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Sick (again)

17 Oct 2011 janinamihr

Living in a sunny state like Califonria definitely has it's good sides: The sun, the beach, the palm trees and the great climate. But, even if you move 10.000 miles to live on the sunny west coast of the US, you still don't get rid off the annoying things life...

Life in LA

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Oh, hello summer!

11 Jul 2010 janinamihr

Oh, hello summer! It is actually funny that everytime you tell people that you think that it is way to hot outside, the answer always is: You are complaning? You plan on living in a state where it is hot most of the time! It's funny that people actually think that California is...

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Visiting our new home

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