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Volunteering in Texas

Volunteering in Texas

7 Sep 2017 Karina S. Henkel

“Does he really want to burn two weeks of vacation for that?”

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Never Tell a Mainer How Nice the Weather is

24 Nov 2016 Karina S. Henkel

Never Tell a Mainer How Nice the Weather is This fall has been fabulous. The weather is just wonderful – usually sunny and in the 40s and upper 50s Fahrenheit (between 4° and 13° Celsius). October was always in the 60s and November is cool, but not freezing yet.

American Way of Life

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Global Warming or What?

18 Jan 2016 Karina S. Henkel

Global Warming or What? Maine surely is not the coldest state in the US and there are other states which have more snow than we get . All Mainers I have met so far love their state but hate its winters. I already wrote about how obsessed people are with weather here.


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Getting used to the good things way too fast!

10 Apr 2011 janinamihr

Getting used to the good things way too fast! The first thing I already love is for sure the weather. It hasn't been at it's best behaviour since we arrived. We had hail, we had rain, we had wind - we had everything else then the weather California is famous for.

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Life in LA

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It's not always sunny in Southern California

19 Feb 2011 janinamihr

It's not always sunny in Southern California Contrary to the weather everything else is kind of going upwards. I had my third job interview this week. Nothing actually happened so far, but before moving out here I actually worried that I won't be able to get an interview at all.

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Life in LA

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White Christmas

4 Dec 2010 janinamihr

White Christmas It began to snow here in Germany last week. I actually love the look of fresh snow on the streets, but I hate what snow does to your daily life. I commute to Frankfurt every day by train and it just doesn't work.

Lessons to learn

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