14 Apr 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Everybody has to file taxes by mid-April. The deadline is usually April 15th. That sometimes varies, because April 15th can fall on a weekend. But what doesn’t change is that if you don’t file your taxes by then you have to pay a penalty to the IRS. Yes, you can file for an extension, but that only gives you an additional couple of months to do your taxes.

I know several self-employed tax accountants who have a hell of a time starting in March. All of their clients have to file their taxes on the same date. But most clients also procrastinate doing the paperwork that is connected to that. They send their stuff over to their accountant in March or April, which causes these poor people to pretty much work 24/7 in order to get everything appropriately filed by the deadline.

Last year, Andrew and I used a tax accountant at Walmart (find my post here). It was an interesting experience to sit with this accountant at a desk that stood right across from the registers. But our overall experience was quite good with her.

This year we are using a different tax accountant. And I am guilty of providing even more stress to this poor guy.

I had promised myself to be better at this – at least for this year. I wanted to prepare everything by February in order to not add too much stress to our accountant in April. And here I am - sending my stuff to him in April, and I am one of very many. I am pretty sure that the majority of his clients did the same.

I need to get better at that.